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I started Mobile Wine Services in 2007; one man, one machine. In 2014, with my business partner Keith Allan, we purchased VinPure. We have since grown to become the largest mobile Velcorin ®  service provider in the US. We routinely service California, Oregon and Washington. We have; on occasion, traveled to other areas of the country.   

Velcorin Technology


 Velcorin® is the trade name for dimethyldicarbonate (DMDC), a microbial control agent. Since 1988, Velcorin has been used in the United States in wine, non-alcoholic wine, cider, juice, sports drinks, and ready-to-drink teas. Velcorin is very effective at low dosages against a broad range of yeast, bacteria and molds. Unlike other chemical preservatives, Velcorin is non-persistent and does not affect wine taste, bouquet or color. In addition, Velcorin can remain active for several hours (depending on hydrolysis rate) thereby helping to eliminate contamination from other sources such as bottles, closures and filling equipment. 

Velcorin applications:


  • To help prevent refermentation in finished wines. 
  • Velcorin can be used to decrease the amount of sorbate.
  • To control spoilage yeast such as Brettanomyces.
  • To decrease the amount of sulfur dioxide used in wines. 
  • To reduce warehouse holding time in early-to-market wines. Velcorin can be used to decrease the amount of sulfur dioxide and/or decrease the degree of filtration. These wines undergo speedier sulfur dioxide equilibration and less bottle-shock. They are therefore palatable sooner and can be released earlier.

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