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The most cost effective way of ensuring quality and protecting your investment.

Velcorin Dosing Applications

Velcorin has several advantages over sterile filtration:

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology Minimizes Cost
Utilizing a mobile dosing machine built with state-of-
the-art German engineering, Mobile Wine
Services provides the flexibility and capability to
meet all of your needs.

With a capacity to dose up to 160 bottles per minute on site, Mobile Wine Services allows you to go from tank to tank or inline during the bottling process. This provides
substantial savings in cost and time.

Eliminate Risk
In the hyper-competitive wine market, the overall
cost associated with the consumer receiving a
tainted bottle of your wine can be immense.
Now consider that for a per case cost as low as
$0.43, Velcorin dosing can eliminate this risk and
you quickly see what a bargain it is. And with it’s
natural ability to leave the taste, color, and aroma
of your wine unaffected, Velcorin becomes the
clear choice for leading wineries.

Sterile filtration for Brett cells and other micro-organisms is seen as unfavorable for some red wines that could be stripped of positive flavor and aroma characteristics.
Wineries that wish to avoid sterile filtration may instead try a clean racking and fining before bottling. A proven alternative to sterile filtration is the use of Velcorin. It tends to be used for high-end wines, or at largerbudget wineries, and has been effective against Brett without affecting wine taste

By Roger Lansing
From Wine Business Monthly, 05/01/2004