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Plenty of things can go wrong during a filtration. Wine can get oxidized or pick up odd flavors. Many winemakers believe that filtering can strip flavor and subtlety from our wines. We know the simple act of filtration reduces the amount of wine we end up with, and horror of horrors, filtration can make clean, sound wines that are uninteresting and have no character.

By Lance Cutler
From Wine Business Monthly, 07/15/2007


What is Velcorin Dosing?
Velcorin has been used for over 20 years for the cold sterilization of wine. Benefits include:

Why Velcorin?
Velcorin has become the microbial control process
of choice of many leading wineries because of it’s
distinct advantages.

Does Velcorin require special bottle labeling?
Velcorin is a FDA and TTB approved microbial stabilization process; that does not require any special labeling.